Inclusion Australia (NCID) is the national voice for Australians with intellectual disability.
We bring together groups across Australia who are connected to people with intellectual disability and who are committed to the shared vision of inclusion in all aspects of Australian life.
Our strength comes from our diverse state members who use their combined experience and expertise to further the inclusion of people with intellectual disability on all levels of the community through advocacy across local, state, national governments and international agencies, such as the United Nations.
We also use our direct connections to people with intellectual disabilities and our extensive local networks, including families, service providers and similar advocacy groups to provide inclusive, collaborative and holistic policy expertise and advice to drive systemic change in Australia. 
Together, our state members share their extensive resources, information and knowledge across state lines so that all people with intellectual disability can benefit directly and advocate for themselves.
Inclusion Australia is a member of Inclusion International, the international network that represents people with intellectual disabilities and their families.
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