About Inclusion Australia (NCID)

Inclusion Australia is the national and leading voice on issues of importance to people with intellectual disability in Australia.Inclusion Australia brings together Members from across Australia, all of who are connected locally to people with intellectual disability and who are committed to the vision of inclusion.Formerly known as the National Council on Intellectual Disability – Inclusion Australia’s strength comes from its Members diversity, experience and expertise on intellectual disability.Inclusion Australia is also guided by the Our Voice Committee whose Membership is solely people with intellectual disability.Inclusion Australia and its Members have considerable diversity in ways of working. Inclusion Australia works at all levels of the community, local, state, national and beyond to raise expectations, recognise potential and value people with intellectual disability.

Inclusion Australia Members have significant local networks and direct connection to people with intellectual disabilities, their families, service providers, and other individuals and organisations who share in our vision.

Collectively Inclusion Australia works at a national level, providing policy expertise and advice to drive systemic change.

Inclusion Australia has extensive resources, information and knowledge, freely shared amongst all Members so that all people with intellectual disability can directly benefit from this collective and unique asset.

Inclusion Australia supports Inclusion International, the international network that represents people with intellectual disabilities and their families. Inclusion International provides many opportunities to collaborate and share information internationally. (www.inclusioninternational.org)

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