Wings Away Association

Wings Away Association

The Wings Away Association is: 

On 24 March 1966 a meeting of Ex-TAA Hostesses was held in Melbourne with a view to forming an association for 2 purposes:

  1. To work together to help children with disabilities – and research into the causes of their disabilities.
  2. To provide the opportunity for former TAA Hostesses and Australian Airlines Attendants to renew old acquaintances and to make new ones.

The association formed was called Wings Away and over the years has the Association has grown in strength and determination in their quest to help children with disabilities.

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The Wings Away Collection is:

The Wings Away Collection is the national charity of the Wings Away Association. The Collection is administered by the National Council on Intellectual Disability (NCID) through its research institute, the Australian Institute on Intellectual Disability (AIID).

The Collection is the pre-eminent collection of literature on disability in Australia having grown to over 3,000 books and journals with an emphasis on Early Intervention and support for families with young children with disabilities. The Collection provides up to date information on research and support networks in the first instance to families,though it is recognised that this information is invaluable to professionals and students who provide advice and support to parents and their children.

There are Wings Away Associations in each State and Territory where they provide significant support to a variety of charitable organisations.

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