Parliament Human Rights Committee considers BSWAT Bill

The Human Rights Committee of the Australian Parliament has considered the BSWAT Bill currently before the Parliament and found it wanting … “The committee notes that the scheme provides for the payment of an amount equal to 50 per cent of what a person would have been paid had their wages been assessed only on […]

Choosing Employment – key to economic participation

Inclusion Australia has today released a series of reports on consultations with people with intellectual disability and families about their positive experiences of choosing employment and the barriers that they may have faced: Part 1.  Inclusion Australia 2014 Employment Survey- Employment Part 1 2014 survey Part 2. National Forums on employment – Employment Part 2 2014 national […]

Inclusion Australia responds to DSP Changes

The issue for Inclusion Australia is that Minister Andrews is focusing on the people with disability and not the system that is supposed to assist people with disability into work. Our key points are: Talking about people with disability ‘rorting the DSP’ or who ‘should not be on it’ raises the question, if this is the case why […]

From School to Work – a proposal for students with significant disability

The NDIS emphasises (National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013); Economic participation, choice, and an actuarial approach to funding supports to ensure financial sustainability. In simple terms, the NDIS is expected to help people with disability get paid work with efficient and effective support. The implementation of the NDIS is a massive undertaking and there has been […]