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From School to Work – a proposal for students with significant disability

The NDIS emphasises (National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013); Economic participation, choice, and an actuarial approach to funding supports to ensure financial sustainability.

In simple terms, the NDIS is expected to help people with disability get paid work with efficient and effective support.

The implementation of the NDIS is a massive undertaking and there has been considerable emphasis on establishing operational procedures.

Insufficient emphasis, however, has been devoted to ensuring that the NDIS is structured to maximise economic participation and realise the savings that flow when employment is achieved.

Research and demonstration shows that people with moderate intellectual disability are capable of work in the open labour market when they are provided evidence based support.

Currently, however, few people with moderate intellectual disability are provided with an expectation of work, or offered the support to have the opportunity to work in the open workforce.

National disability service data indicates that just 1 in 10 adults with intellectual disability work in the open labour market. Most are reliant on the disability support pension as their main source of income.

The NDIS offers Australia a unique opportunity to provide a national pathway of skilled support to help youth with moderate intellectual disability participate in the open labour market.

Minister Fifield’s initiative to bring DES programs, ADEs and NDIS together under one minister makes it possible to realise significant savings within the social services portfolio.

Our key recommendation is that evidence based transition-to-work (TTW) support provides the the best method of

  • achieving the economic participation objective of the NDIS
  • improving future financial sustainability by reducing costs in the NDIS as more people achieve employment
  • achieving pension savings
  • reducing overall cost within the Social Services portfolio.

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