Travelling to another country when on the Disability Support Pension

 There is a rule for how long a person can travel to another country and still get paid the disability pension. This is called ‘portability’. The Government wants to change the rule. The government wants to limit the time a person can be in another country and paid the disability pension to 28 days for […]

DSP changes 2014

In the 2014 Commonwealth Budget the Australian Government announced a number of changes that affected people who receive the Disability Support Pension (DSP). At the time we received a number of calls from people concerned that their entitlement to the DSP would be directly affected. With very good assistance from Minister Andrews’ office and the […]

Response to Welfare Reform paper

Inclusion Australia agrees that the income support system should have a stronger employment focus. An income support system focused on evidence based employment support can significantly increase employment participation and reduce reliance on income support. To achieve such change requires an examination of our understanding about capacity to work and employment support needs, and how […]

Inclusion Australia responds to DSP Changes

The issue for Inclusion Australia is that Minister Andrews is focusing on the people with disability and not the system that is supposed to assist people with disability into work. Our key points are: Talking about people with disability ‘rorting the DSP’ or who ‘should not be on it’ raises the question, if this is the case why […]