A big day for the equal rights of people with intellectual disability – part 1

To Whom It Should Concern – Part 1 Monday 24th November 2014 has been a big day for standing up for the equal rights of people with intellectual disability. First, the Senate rejected the Government’s bill to introduce the BSWAT Payment Scheme Bill. This Bill was an unjust remedy by the Government to address the […]

Travelling to another country when on the Disability Support Pension

 There is a rule for how long a person can travel to another country and still get paid the disability pension. This is called ‘portability’. The Government wants to change the rule. The government wants to limit the time a person can be in another country and paid the disability pension to 28 days for […]

Minister Fifield must reward genuine effort not failure

Real Businesses Pay Real Wages.  Minister Fifield must reward genuine effort not failure.  The announcement by Minister Fifield of an additional $173 million to support employees get fair wages in Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs) is welcomed as a step forward by Inclusion Australia. The announcement, however, does not resolve serious concerns about the treatment of […]

Response to Welfare Reform paper

Inclusion Australia agrees that the income support system should have a stronger employment focus. An income support system focused on evidence based employment support can significantly increase employment participation and reduce reliance on income support. To achieve such change requires an examination of our understanding about capacity to work and employment support needs, and how […]