Commonwealth takes NDIS back to the ‘bad old days’ …


Minister Porter’s unilateral action in appointing new Board members to the NDIS has cast a shadow over the successful implementation of the NDIS.

“Inclusion Australia’s strong support for the NDIS was largely based on the belief that the new scheme would end decades of ‘bickering’ between the States and Commonwealth over meeting the daily support needs of people with disability; cooperation not competition. Minister Porter’s authoritarian approach will destroy the co-operation that has been built up to date and replace it with a new Centrelink, currently in the spotlight for its adverse treatment of people with severe disabilities”, says Mr Kevin Stone, President.

The States and Territories must be equal partners in NDIS. This is the only way in which people with disability and their families will have a direct say in how the Scheme works or not for them as this is where trusted relationships currently exist.

Inclusion Australia calls on the Commonwealth Government to genuinely consult with the States and Territories. As a matter of urgency the Commonwealth must re-establish the cooperative spirit of the NDIS and build the trust of people with disability and their families. Without this the NDIS will just become another Commonwealth department with all the inherent faults of a political and centralized bureaucracy.


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  1. Dale Reardon says:


    Completely agree – the Federal Govt has shown its true colours regarding the NDIS over the last few weeks. They unilaterally imposed a stop on ACT planning when it was clear all along that the Federal Government was meant to pick up any excess in numbers.

    Now they seek to appoint a Board that will have next to no disability representation. It should be the case that we, the disabled community, are in the majority on the Board, and I don’t mean lived experience people either, but real personally disabled people.

    They way the scheme is going it will be no better than the old system, just with a little more money that inflation will eat away in a few years.


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