DSP changes 2014

In the 2014 Commonwealth Budget the Australian Government announced a number of changes that affected people who receive the Disability Support Pension (DSP).
At the time we received a number of calls from people concerned that their entitlement to the DSP would be directly affected. With very good assistance from Minister Andrews’ office and the Department of Social Services we issued a Fact Sheet which clarified the situation for people with intellectual disability whose disability (and entitlement to the DSP) is ‘MANIFEST’.
The Department has now issued 2 fact sheets which provide clear information on:

  • Review of eligibility of people on the DSP
  • Participation requirements for people on the DSP

It is important to note that that people with intellectual disability who are manifest (IQ score of less than 70) will not have their DSP eligibility reviewed nor will they have compulsory participation requirements. The attached fact sheets from the Department of Social Service (DSS) make this situation very clear.”

What to do if you are told you DSP will be reviewed or that you have participation requirements!

If you are a person with intellectual disability and have a manifest DSP (or believe you are manifest) and you receive a review letter from DSS, or are told by a Centrelink officer that you have participation requirements – show them a copy of the fact sheet. And let us know so that we can let Centrelink know and they want to ensure their systems are working for people with intellectual disability.

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DSS DSP Fact Sheets:

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