Travelling to another country when on the Disability Support Pension

 There is a rule for how long a person can travel to another country and still get paid the disability pension.

This is called ‘portability’.

The Government wants to change the rule.

The government wants to limit the time a person can be in another country and paid the disability pension to 28 days for every 12 month period.

The government is currently asking the Commonwealth parliament to approve this rule change.

What is the current portability rule?

A person will continue to be paid the disability pension when in another country for a time limit of 6 weeks.

There are exceptions to the rule.

Some people who get the disability pension can stay in another country and be paid the disability pension without any time limit.

This is called ‘unlimited portability’.

People who get the DSP are eligible for unlimited portability if they are;

  • assessed as having a severe impairment and no future work capacity,
  • terminally ill,
  • paid under Australia’s international social security agreements and assessed as severely disabled, or
  • assessed as manifestly eligible for the disability pension.

The government is not changing these exceptions to the rule.

What does this mean for people with intellectual disability?

A person with intellectual disability manifestly qualifies for the disability pension if they have an IQ of less than 70.

A person who manifestly qualifies for the disability pension meets the eligibility for unlimited portability of their pension, without need for assessment of their impairment or work capacity.

People with intellectual disability and their families can plan overseas travel knowing that pension eligibility and payments will continue without change.

2 thoughts on “Travelling to another country when on the Disability Support Pension

  1. Please check the current (received today) email n/letter from DS NSW which contradicts the information above regards DSP portability for those with manifest (& other) conditions..i.e. under 70 IQ.
    I have directed DS NSW to I C website & the Minister’s fact sheets.

  2. I recently took my Son overseas for 7 weeks. His payments were stopped after 4 weeks.
    I communicated verbally -on return- with two persons (separately) at Centrelink and was told this was correct.
    I thoroughly explained the circumstances and my son’s reason for eligibility I was told by BOTH persons I had to deal with International body.
    This was a few days ago….

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