Employment – We Can Work with the Right Support Campaign

 We Can Work with the Right Support campaign

  • We need a new national pathway of skilled support from school to work for people with intellectual disability
  • We can work when we get the right support
  • We need:
    • – skilled transition to work support as part of the NDIS
    • – skilled open employment support as part of DES
  • We need NDIS and DES to work seamlessly together
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Our goal is to organise with people with intellectual disabilities, their families, and supporting organisations to make the promise of inclusion in the open labour market a reality in policy and practice.

People with intellectual disability have the capacity to work in the open labour market when they receive the right support. Yet only 8% of adults with intellectual disability work in the open labour market.

This is unacceptable and reflects an ineffective national disability employment service system. It’s time to change to a system of employment support that works.

Inclusion Australia has prepared a statement of what a new national pathway of employment support should provide if we are to improve open employment outcomes for people with intellectual disability.

We want a system of transition-to-work and open employment support that is based on demonstrated high rates of open employment outcomes. In short — we want youth with intellectual disability to have support that provides the best chance of employment success.

Best practice transition-to-work and open employment support can change the lives of individuals with intellectual disability to one where they are included in the regular workforce and enjoy the same social and economic benefits most of us want and enjoy.

We are asking people with intellectual disability, their family members, employers, disability organisations, and the community to endorse our statement which we will deliver to the Australian government.

Pleas support our campaign to improve the employment participation of people with intellectual disability.

Sign the We Can Work petition