Senate Inquiry into Private VET Providers – IA submission


In Summary: Inclusion Australia wants to ensure that youth with intellectual disability are treated with respect by the VET industry. This requires that VET providers ensure that: VET marketing strategies provide independent safeguards to ensure that students with intellectual disability make an informed decision and that the contract of service is valid. Course offers and …

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Welfare reform will succeed with the right employment support

employ arrow

 Welfare reform will succeed with high expectations and the right employment support! Minister Morrison makes three points we can agree with; “the best form of welfare is a job the biggest welfare savings are driven by getting people into work the NZ investment model uses actuarial evaluations to identify which risk factors drive long term …

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Variation of Supported Employment Services Award — Update

fair pay

United Voice, Health Services Union and National Peak Disability and Advocacy Organisations — Communique, Tuesday, 17 February 2015 Variation of Supported Employment Services Award — Update On 23rd December 2013, United Voice and the Health Services Union made a joint application to the Fair Work Commission to vary the Supported Employment Services Award 2010. This …

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IA supports a national inquiry into abuse


We have to Do Something about Abuse. Now. Inclusion Australia (formerly the National Council on Intellectual Disability) supports a national inquiry by the Australian Senate into abuse, violence and neglect against people with disability. Inclusion Australia welcomes the moral leadership of Senator Siewert and the Australian Greens by calling for a national inquiry by the …

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Our Voice Matters

everyone matters

Inclusion Australia responds to DSS $1.5m cut to support and services for people with intellectual disability.   Inclusion Australia (NCID) is the peak body for people with intellectual disability and their families. Inclusion Australia has represented people with intellectual disability for over 60 years with the support of thousands of people and organisations. In December …

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Grandstanding is not Advocacy

Checking in ...

Grandstanding is not advocacy! Creating fear and uncertainty where certainty exists is not a responsible position by an advocacy organisation. Recently commentary on overseas travel by people on the DSP has been sensational instead of accurate. Inclusion Australia and Minister Andrews went to considerable trouble last November to clarify the position of people with intellectual disability …

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National Organisations applaud the Senate

Old sheltered workshop

National Peak Disability Consumer and Advocacy Organisations applaud the Senate vote to block the passing of the Business Services Wage Assessment Tool (BSWAT) Payment Scheme Bill 2014. In blocking the Bill, the Senate has shown support for the human rights of people with disability to seek fair and full compensation for lost wages through the …

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A big day for the rights of people with intellectual disability – part 2

know your rights lg

To Whom It Should Concern – Part 2 An alarming concern of individuals, families, advocates and support staff is that reported abuse is frequently not properly investigated and addressed by the current system. Many complaints of abuse have not been addressed due to authorities not taking such complaints seriously and undertaking a full investigation. We …

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